Sunday, June 13, 2010

honesty is the best policy (i think)

When I first arrived to Santa Cruz, I was slightly disappointed. I know I came abroad to learn but I still had my requisitos! I wanted to be working with people from the west, I wanted the weather to be tropical (but not too hot), I wanted the city to be walkable, I wanted to like all the food, etc. Pretty much I was expecting Quito again (minus tropical weather). Santa Cruz is different.

And I still fell in love with the city.

For me, it was a hard city to adjust to. Its usually super super hot for most of the year, there is a lot of dirt/sand, and a lot of trash. It takes a good hour to get from one end of the city to the center. The culture dominant culture is that of the lowlands and not of the highlands. And everyone always tries to look good all the time (that was hard for me...haha).
But there are so many things that I overlooked when I was grumbling in January and February to my co-SALT friends. The children playing soccer in every corner of the city. The hospitality of the people. And the community that fills the air here. I am not saying that people from the west arent like that, I wouldnt know. But I do know the cruceƱos are community oriented, if I am allowed to speak that generally. I have always felt welcomed and included by the people I have interacted with here.
So thank you Santa Cruz. I havent always been kind to you but you have always been kind to me. So kind enough to give me piojos, hongos, alergies, amoebas, and a chronic cold! :P

On a different are some pictures from the guarderia!


  1. There is always something good about every city. The same with every race, verdad?